Sara Eastwood of online experience store; MYBestGift

Eileen Stapleton

Northern Beaches mum and former advertising executive, Sara Eastwood, is the founder of MyBestGift; an online experience store that came about as she wanted to change her gift-giving tendencies.

“I was looking for a way to give more meaningful gifts, instead of more ‘stuff’ for every celebration,” Sara said. “I wanted the opportunity to help the littlies in our lives create lasting memories. Other parents told me they were also looking for gift alternatives and would love the chance to give experiences. That’s why I started MyBestGift.”

We love this concept and had the pleasure of experiencing MyBestGift with a skateboarding session for my three kids (aged 10, 9 & 5) through Skate Now and we were so impressed. Not only did the kids have a ball and learn some cool new tricks; they had a lovely time; all three of them together learning how to skateboard. As a mum who tries to live 'clutter free' - a gift of an experience is the best gift!  

Skate Now skateboarding  Skate Now skateboarding

We wanted to know more about Sara and her family and what they for for fun. 

How many children do you have and what do you guys do for fun?

I have two little girls, Mila who's almost 5years old, and Sophie 1.5yo. We love family days at the beach, Mila loves looking for pretty shells and Sophie will happily totter about for hours in the sand. Mila and I have 'adventure days' together, which can be anything from a movie to trampolining, or indoor rock climbing, and afterwards we'll grab lunch somewhere. I love seeing her excitement and cherish the time we spend together - come to think of it, I think enjoy our adventure days even more than she does! My absolute favourite thing to do with Sophie at the moment, is her bedtime story. Each night at bedtime, she'll run into her room to choose her book and really snuggle in to me when I read to her, I love it.

Favourite local park, cafe or activity to do?

Clareville Beach is a favourite for us, the girls love it and there's always so many families down there, they make new friends every time we go.

How do you juggle it all?

Honestly, it's tricky! Fortunately I have an incredibly supportive husband and we make sure we have lots of family time with the girls on the weekends and give each other a sleep-in or afternoon nap, when we need it. I'm really lucky that I've started a business that I'm incredibly passionate about, so for the most part, it doesn't feel like work.

ABOUT MyBestGift

Accessing a broad range of kids’ activities online has previously meant searching multiple directories and portals. MyBestGift brings together an extensive menu of experiences for all ages: everything from mums and bubs’ classes or whale watching, to music lessons, skateboarding and driving lessons.

MyBestGift features a comprehensive range of activities across Sydney. with long term goal to cover major regional cities as well. 


“Giving an experience is a wonderful opportunity to help our little ones develop their passions,” Sara said. “For our very young ones, it’s a chance to discover what gives them joy. And we can help our older kids grow their love and their skills for whatever makes them happy.”

Here is Sara with her beautiful family. 

Sara Eastwood of MyBestGift

 All the best Sara with your great new business venture - we think it's fabulous!